Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Laptop Lifestyle Ladies coaching packages best suited for?

My coaching packages are created for ambitious women and new entrepreneurs, who want to build, launch and grow a service-based business online. Women who know they're meant for more, and now want to start living a life aligned with what they truly deserve. If you are frequently checking out and getting inspired by hashtags such as #girlboss #laptoplifestyle and #womenempoweringwomen, then you sound like the perfect fit for my coaching.

I already have my business set up, is your coaching program still right for me?

Great! You are already off to a good start! My Premium One-on-one Coaching Program will be tailored specific your needs. If you have already set up your business, but are not yet seeing the results that you would like, I will help you implement online business strategies that will increase your social following and revenue. Please book a 30 min complimentary strategy session so that I can map out where your business is stagnating, and give you advice on what we can do together to achieve better results.

I don't have a website yet, and I don't know anything about how to set one up

Don't you worry! I didn't either the first time I tried setting up a blog in using WordPress. As a part of the Premium One-on-one Coaching Program, I will teach you everything you need to know so that you easily can set up your own amazing web page without having to spend a fortune on graphic designers and web development. And guess what? There are so many women out there who wants help with this, so once you get the hang of it yourself, maybe it's something you can consider to offer as one of your services in the future?!

I've never hired a coach before. How does the one-on-one coaching process work?

At the beginning of each week, I will send you the curriculum and exercises for you to work on. I will create your own private folder for your business on Google Drive so that you can upload your exercises and get feedback on the work you are doing throughout the week. At the end of each week, we will schedule a 60 minutes private coaching call, where we together work on that week's topic. During the coaching call, I will guide you in the right direction for how to make your business work, and we will tackle any challenges you may be facing. I do my very best to be available for my clients when they need me the most, so you can email me at any time during the week, and I will make sure to answer within 24 hours.

I don't have all the funds yet, but I really want to work with you, and I'm desperate for starting my own business now. Can I pay in instalments?

With that attitude, YES! Payment plans are available upon request. Please note that my Premium one-one-one coaching packages are available via application only. This is to ensure that my coaching is the right fit for your new business, as I would hate to see you waste your money. If I do feel that cannot provide you with the coaching that you need for your business, I will do my very best to recommend you another coach within my personal network of biz besties, that better will serve your needs.

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