What if I told you that if you set up your online business correctly you are much more likely to become a success?
Would you want to know how?

Discover the powerful tools of The Laptop Lifestyle Ladies 12-week Coaching Program that will help you build, launch and scale a wildly successful online business.

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies - Build, Launch and grow your online businessAre you stuck in a 9-5 job that makes you feel unfulfilled and that kills your creativity and motivation?

Girl! It's time to claim your freedom and start doing the things that really matter to you. Creating a business around your passion is a life-changing experience.

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies - Build, Launch and grow your online businessDo you dream of running your own business, being your own boss and living your life completely on your own terms?

The Laptop Lifestyle Ladies Premium Coaching Program is designed for ambitious women & go-getters who want to build, launch and grow their own online business.

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies

Do miss having someone in your life who encourages and support you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Learn how to set up your own online business by someone who has walked the walk before you and now will guide, mentor and support you on your journey.



What I offer is a Premium Private Business Coaching Program for new coaches, consultants, creatives and digital entrepreneurs, who want to learn how to build, launch and scale their own online business. The women that I work with are ambitious, they are hungry for success - they are looking to build their online empire, create multiple sources of income online, and start living a life aligned with what they truly deserve.

This 12-week private coaching program will follow the Laptop Lifestyle Ladies 12 step success formula for building, launching and scaling an online business and your weekly coaching video calls will be tailored to your specific needs.

Laptop Lifestyle Girlboss

Learn how to build a solid foundation for your new online business

This coaching program is specially designed for ambitious women and new entrepreneurs who dream of running a successful business based on their own creative brilliance and drive. This coaching program will not teach how to become an overnight success as in most cases that simply is not possible. What you will learn instead is how to create a solid foundation for your business along with the tools you need to build a scalable and profitable online service-based business.

During our 12 weeks of working together you will learn how to:

✔️ Become an online entrepreneur.

✔️ Make money online as a new business owner.

✔️ Set and achieve your business goals.

✔️ Convert your followers from raving fans to paying customers.

✔️ Build a solid foundation for your online business, mapping out your skills, clarify what it is that you are going to offer and make a plan for how you can monetize on that.

✔️ Adopt the millionaire mindset - building up your confidence level as a new entrepreneur and prepare you for success.

✔️ Make a strategy for how you can take your business and brand online.

✔️ Market your business online like a pro.

✔️ Develop your personal brand and position you as the expert in your niche.

✔️ Create an online sale funnel to attract your first paying customers.

✔️ Scale your business using social media strategies. You will learn how to manage and monetize your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, in the most effective and profitable way.

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies
Laptop Lifestyle Ladies

You will receive:

✔️ The Laptop Lifestyle Ladies welcome pack to get you started on your journey. 

✔️ Weekly 60-minute coaching calls.

✔️ Weekly course material and exercises tailored to your specific needs.

✔️ 12 months unlimited email support to make sure have all the guidance you need for your first year in business.

✔️ Step-by-step video tutorials to help you set up your professional looking WordPress website.

✔️ 1 x Post-program coaching call to follow up on your progression and ensure you have a clear action plan for your business moving forward.

✔️ Digital marketing and social media training.

✔️ Resources and guidance on how to build, launch and scale your business.

Your Investment: 1 Payment of $3000 USD
or 4 Payments of $900 USD


Laptop Lifestyle Ladies - Build, Launch and grow your online businessBuild

Create a solid foundation for your online business.

Laptop Lifestyle Ladies - Build, Launch and grow your online businessLaunch

Launch your online business in 12 weeks.


Take your business to the next level, creating multiple streams of income.

See the detailed course outline below:



Goal Setting & Mindset Work

Business & mindset goes hand in hand, and the first week of the coaching program is all about personal development and goal setting. You will learn about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to manifest your dream life, as well as learning the power of visualization.

Creating A Solid Business Plan For Success

During week two we will work on your business plan and get crystal clear on your niche, target audience, and offerings. Our main focus is to create a business plan that aligns with your dream life and your core zone of genius. We will set up a plan and actionable points for how you best can deliver your online service, and start looking into your business name and branding. I will share with you how I found my business name, niche and audience, and I will give you ideas on how you can find yours too. We will also work on creating a scalable business model, and get clear on how you can set up a business that will secure the earnings and the success you want to achieve further down the line.

Setting Up Your Business

When starting a business there are certain practicalities that need to be in place, and during week three you will have time to set up and prepare everything that needs to be in place before you can launch your business. By the end of this week, we will also work on perfecting your business plan so that you are ready to take your business online.

Website Training

During week 4 we will be setting up your business website and prepare you for launching your business online. I will take you through how you can set your own website up using WordPress without having to know anything about coding or web design, and help you set up the most effective structure for your site in order for it to drive traffic and potential clients to your business. 



Business & Personal Branding

This week is all about branding. Since we by now will know exactly who and what we are going to serve, it is time to start designing a visually appealing and selling brand - both for your business, as well as for your personal brand. Your branding will be the first thing new potential customers will see and recognize, so if you are going to position yourself as a premium service provider, your brand also has to look the part.

I will guide you on how to choose your colors, fonts, a tone of voice and how to set yourself apart on your website and on social media.

Beta Testing & Testing Your Offerings

Even though we might love our own product, it is easy to get blinded by our excitement for our newly started business - but that doesn’t help if we are not attracting the right our enough new customers. This week will, therefore, be working on testing your offerings on an actual audience, so that we can get the necessary feedback in order to tweak and improve your services. We will also start looking into finding your first paying customers, and how to set up your business mindmap that covers your sales funnel and future income streams.

Social Media Marketing & in-depth training on Facebook Ads Manager

Week 7 is all about mastering the skill of marketing your business. We will start building your brand and presence on social media and look at ways for how you can grow your social media following. You will learn the core basics of online marketing, how to find and connect with your target audience online, how to create valuable content in the most efficient way, and how to use different social media platforms for business purposes.

During this week you will also receive in-depth training on how to run ads for your business on Instagram and Facebook in the most cost-effective way, as well as learn how you can utilize SEO on Youtube in order to get views and engagement from day one.

E-mail Marketing

This week you will learn how to set up your own e-mail marketing plan, as well as how you can create e-mails that sell. You will also learn how to set up an automated e-mail sequence so that you further down the line will be able to convert customers at all times of the day - even in your sleep!


Week 10

Creating Your Sales Funnel

This week we will thoroughly work on setting up your sales funnel - completing your business mindmap. You will learn how to use an opt-in to create a killer sales system that has the potential to further scale your business, without adding on extra tasks for you to handle in your business. During this week you will also learn the key strategies on how to collect more & hot leads to your business.

Getting Your First Paying Customer

This week is all about sales techniques. We will work on different sales techniques so that you will get comfortable with delivering your offerings to your target audience. You will also learn how you can turn your online followers from raging fans to buying customers without having to be too salesy. 

Adding Multiple Streams Of Income To Your Business

As your business buy now should have been set up and launched it is time to start working on how you can further scale your business and add more streams of income to your business. You will learn about passive income streams (YES! That means making money in your sleep!), as well as additional products or services that will enhance your brand. You will also learn how you should communicate and advertise your different income streams without confusing your target audience.

Your First Year In Business

In the final week of the coaching program, we will look into how you can set up and prepare yourself for your first year in business. We will also go through how you best can position yourself to have a steady stream of clients and customers moving forward, as well as strategies for scaling your business even further. At this weeks coaching call we will together set up actionable points for you to continue working on after the completion of the course.

After completing the coaching program I want you to still keep up your pace and work on growing your business. I will, therefore, provide you with some bonus material tailored to your specific needs that you can continue working on after the course in order to further develop your business. The bonus material will also include concrete examples of how you can create passive streams of income in your business. 



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Business & blogging brilliance

Monika has been a great resource for developing and expanding my blog. She’s inspiring and always up to date when it comes to the latest and most effective marketing strategies for social media.

- Camilla Hellum, Journalist, Blogger & Founder of Urbania Magasin

Extensive knowledge & expertise

Working alongside Monika has given me vital strategies I needed to develop my brand, as well as how to manage my social media accounts effectively. Monika is an expert in knowing what is essential to have in place to build, launch and scale a successful online business and without her, I would not have gained fundamental knowledge to build on my own digital business.

- Irene Valantia, Law of Attraction, Mindset & Business Strategy Coach at Boss Queen Empire

rene Valantia, Law of Attraction, Mindset & Business Strategy Coach at Boss Queen Empire